goodman_pipeline.spectroscopy package


goodman_pipeline.spectroscopy.redspec module

Pipeline for Goodman High Troughput Spectrograph spectra Extraction.

This program finds reduced images, i.e. trimmed, bias subtracted, flat fielded, etc. that match the <pattern> in the source folder, then classify them in two groups: Science or Lamps. For science images, finds the spectrum or spectra and traces it doing some fit.

Simon Torres 2016-06-28

class goodman_pipeline.spectroscopy.redspec.MainApp

Bases: object

Defines and initialize all important variables for processing the data

The MainApp class controls the way the night is organized for further processing. It also sets the appropriate parameters that will allow for a smooth working in all the other modules.


Handles the argparse library and returns the arguments

The list of arguments can be found with running redspec -h or redspec --help.


The full list of arguments are not listed here as the may evolve in which case is impossible to keep this up to date.


An object that contains all the variables parsed through the argument system

goodman_pipeline.spectroscopy.wavelength module

Contains the tools to produce a wavelength solution

This module gets the extracted data to produce a wavelength solution, linearize the spectrum and write the solution to the image’s header following the FITS standard.

class goodman_pipeline.spectroscopy.wavelength.WavelengthCalibration

Bases: object

Wavelength Calibration Class

The WavelengthCalibration class is instantiated for each of the science images, which are treated as a “science object”. In this first release it can find a wavelength solution for a given comparison lamp using an interactive GUI based on Matplotlib. Although it works very good, for the next release there is a plan for creating an independent GUI based on QT in order to work better in different screen sizes and other topic such as showing warnings, messages and help.

This class takes 1D spectrum with no wavelength calibration and returns fits files with wavelength solutions using the FITS standard for linear solutions. Goodman spectra are slightly non-linear therefore they are linearized and smoothed before they are returned for the user.

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