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Goodman Focus Finder

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Finds the best focus for one or more focus sequences.

How to Install

This tool requires python 3.6 at least to work. It will not install with 3.5.

We recommend using astroconda since it is easier.

Using PYPI

Create a virtual environment using conda and specify python version 3.6.

conda create -n goodman_focus python=3.6

Install using pip

pip install goodman-focus

Using github

Clone the latest version using:

git clone https://github.com/soar-telescope/goodman_focus.git

Move into the new directory

cd goodman_focus

Create a virtual environment using the environment.yml file and activate it.

conda env create python=3.6 -f environment.yml

conda activate goodman_focus

Install using pip

pip install .

How to use it

From terminal

There is an automatic script that will obtain focus from a folder containing a focus sequence.

If you have fits files you can simply run.


It will run with the following defaults:

--data-path: (Current Working Directory)
--file-pattern: *fits
--obstype: FOCUS
--features-model: gaussian
--debug: (not activated)

To get some help and a full list of options use:

goodman-focus -h

In other code

After installing using pip you can also import the class and instatiate it providing a list of arguments and values.

from goodman_focus.goodman_focus import GoodmanFocus

If no argument is provided it will run with the default values.

The list of arguments can be defined as follow:

arguments = ['--data-path', '/provide/some/path',
             '--file-pattern', '*.fits',
             '--obstype', 'FOCUS',
             '--features-model', 'gaussian',

--features-model is the function/model to fit to each detected line. gaussian will use a Gaussian1D which provide more consistent results. and moffat will use a Moffat1D model which fits the profile better but is harder to control and results are less consistent than when using a gaussian.

Found a problem?

Please Open an Issue on GitHub.

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